Xilinx Productivity Advantage 1 Year Agreement

ISE Design Suite 13 is now available for all ISE editions and lists starting at $2,995 for Logic Edition and now supports Windows 7 32 and 64 bits. Customers can download the trial versions for free at 30 days on the De Xilinx website. To start version 13 of the ISE Design Suite or for more information on design methods and productivity innovations introduced in isE Design Suite 13, visit: www.xilinx.com/tools/designtools.htm. XilinxBruce Fienberg408-879-4631[email protected]xilinx.com PartI reconfiguration support for Kintex 7 and Virtex 7 families is now also available in PlanAhead. Partial reconfiguration dynamically changes logical blocks, while the remaining logic works without interruption. This means that designers can use Virtex 7 or Kintex 7 devices to create flexible systems that can exchange functions and perform remote updates during operation. Partial reconfiguration also allows designers to reduce design costs and size by using time multiplexing, which ultimately results in less diskboard space and minimizes bitstream memory, as smaller or smaller devices can be used. Smaller, smaller appliances can also reduce system power, while replacing power-hungry tasks can reduce the FPGAs` dynamic electricity consumption. If the Artix 7 family support is launched this year with the release of the ISE Design Suite, this will be the first time that Xilinx will offer a partial reconfiguration for the entire range of FPGA families in a single generation. The Vivado® Design Suite offers an IP-centric, IP-centric, next-generation information-focused development environment that has been designed from scratch to address productivity constraints in system-level integration and implementation.

SAN JOSE, Calif., July 6, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Xilinx, Inc. (NASDAQ: XLNX) today released ISE® Design Suite 13.2 and provides support to families in the 28nm 7 series, including the recently arrived Virtex device®-7 VX485T that is demonstrated to customers. In addition, this latest edition of the ISE Design Suite offers a 25 percent power increase in designs for Virtex 7 2000T devices, the largest industry FPG developed with Stacked Silicon Interconnect technology.